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Is print marketing dead?

Print media is by far one of the most notable investors in the history of man. It essentially revolutionized how we could share information and communicate as well. While print media is influential in communication, many believe that its soon being eliminated from the scene entirely. That said, print media still provides various benefits. In fact, the following are some of the ten reasons why print advertising is not dead

Ten reasons why it’s not dead

1.Print media is tangible- whether it’s a brochure, poster or any other type of printed material, print media is tangible. This means it can stay in your office or home for several months and it’s also convenient.

2.Print media is more credible- people identify easily with print media. It has been available for thousands of years, which makes it perfect for communicating with an audience.

3.It sub-communicates value- printed publications and various other company branded materials are a top method for adding value to your brand.

4.This type of communication helps you reach your target market- using print media is also an excellent strategy for communicating with your target audience. The placement of company ads in print media works well at reaching a specific market.

5.It is more engaging- unlike most forms of printed content, print media works well at capturing and engaging the user’s attention. In fact, print media is simple to incorporate with various engaging images and banner lines as well.

6.It also provides a competitive edge- since most companies are increasingly using digital marketing media, publishing print media provides a competitive edge over other companies. In fact, not many digital marketing companies are able to leverage the benefits of this media type.

7.It’s an effective way to reach audiences that are not online

Print is an excellent way to reach niche audiences that are not available online. In fact, most print media have loyal readers, which means the message can be reinforced over an extended duration.

8.It reduces the side effects of information overload

People are often bombarded with various types of content on the conventional media types. This includes banner ads on computers, email promotions, app advertising on Smartphones and more.

9.Large corporations use it

Even the large companies use printed material. In fact, the largest software company globally often sends out printed mail to their Adwords members. This demonstrates the power of print. Besides that, Facebook has also increased their total print media budget by an average of 500 percent.

10.Readership grows over time

Magazine readership improves over time. The views of magazine publications develop over the weeks after publishing the print media. Additionally, the print media is likely to be shared among individuals who will improve readership.


Taking all things into account, print media is an excellent method of communicating with a specific audience. It provides various benefits over the conventional forms of media and ever large companies still use it. Print media is reliable and it’s tangible as well, which makes it more credible. Get your prints from the best printing company in Singapore or through their e-commerce store.

Aervin Tan

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