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Employees receive a major morale boost when rewarded for hard work. It shows that you have noticed and appreciated their work. A holiday or end of the year bonus is an obvious way to reward your employees. Everyone loves money, but there are other, more frequent ways to reward them. Read below for a few suggestions.

Work from Home Days: Designate one  or two days a week for employees to work from home. It could be a yearly or seasonal occurrence.

Catered Meals:  Brighten your employee’s mornings or afternoons with delicious catered breakfast or lunch.

Bring Snacks: Pick up a box of donuts or snacks before entering the office. Place them by the entrance for employees to grab as they enter.

Make Everyone Supervisor for a Day: Challenge your employees to take charge by rotating who takes on supervising duties each day. Arrange these supervising days at least several months a year.

Write Handwritten Notes: Before or after work, place your note on their desk. Tell them how they impressed you this week, and encourage them to keep up the good work.

Give Someone a Vacation: At the end of the year, reward your three hardest working employees with all expenses paid vacations. Use Groupon coupons to purchase a vacation package through sites such as Experiencias Xcaret.

Plan a Day Trip: Take your whole department out for a fun group activity, such as karaoke, a concert, amusement park, or a group dinner.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day: Choose one day a year, or month, where dog owners can bring their dogs to work.

Handout Company Gear: Distribute shirts with the company’s logo, or design ones specifically for your employees.

Dress Casually Fridays: Every Friday allow employees to wear casual clothing like jeans and t-shirts.

Give Employee of the Month Awards: Display the picture of the employee of the month on a special wall dedicated to them. Also award them with a cash bonus or gift card.

Distribute Gift Cards: Give every employee a $100 gift card to their favorite store or restaurant on their birthday.

Celebrate Holidays, Anniversaries, and Birthdays: Throw a small party with catered food. Give presents to the guest/s of honor.

Host Friendly Competitions: Divide employees into teams, and then have an annual competition based on trivia. It could be based on a theme of the company, or any pop culture reference. For example, sports trivia day during March Madness, or if you run a publishing company,  literary facts trivia night.

Add Appreciation Jars: Allow employees the option to place an appreciation jar on their desk. Coworkers and supervisors can submit anonymous praise to each employee with a jar.

Award Trophies: Host an end of the year awards ceremony. Invite all employees, and then give out trophies to each one. The trophies can be sincere awards, such as most valuable employee, or goofy awards such as best office dancer.


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