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5 ways B2B companies can use OOH advertising

Mar 13, 2018

Out-of-home media advertising is a type of advertising that reaches the customer even when they are outside the homes. Many businesses consider OOH advertising for various reasons. It focuses on advertising to consumers when they are in the public places, in transits or even waiting zones. OOH, advertising falls into different categories such as billboards, road, street, and transits. B2B companies can use OOH advertising to market to the customers about the new products.

Ways that b2b companies use out-of-home advertising

Billboard advertising

Most of the marketing companies place adverts from other companies on billboards to promote products and services. Companies can benefit from the use of billboards by conveying a message to many customers at a go. Many firms place adverts on billboards placed along busy streets and highways. That guarantees a company that the ad is seen.

Mobile billboards

This technique involves advertising on a moving trailer or track. It is also referred to as mobile outdoor advertising. This technique puts advert where the customers are. An advertising company can advertise products for another company hence promoting B2B kind of business interaction. When using mobile billboards, a company can choose where the message should go and the target customers.

Guerrilla marketing

OOH adverting involves Guerrilla marketing to concentrate on the low cost and unconventional marketing approaches that result in better marketing results. The method uses assets like energy and innovation to achieve the best results. OOH, advertising entails brand recall, positive feedback, and referrals from another company.

Point of display

This is a form of OOH adverting found near the checkout counters. They attract the attention of clients on the newly available products. Point of display conveys information related to company new offers such that one company can show customers the services offered by another company.

Street furniture advertising

Advertising companies use Street furniture technique to advertise products of another company on fixed street furniture. The technique offers the public amenity and conveys the message advertised.


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