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Static billboards vs Mobile billboards

Apr 2, 2018

Traditionally, auto dealers relied on static billboards as one of the primary ways of advertising their cars. However, the development of mobile billboards marked the death of the static type that was costly and had a lousy targeting capability.

How are mobile billboards different from static billboards?

Usually, a mobile billboard, also known as car advertising, is mounted on the side of a truck, bus, or any other car. As such, it is driven around multiple designated localities, thereby targeting more clients. Which technically means that the advertisement goes to its target audience and not vice versa.

Why are mobile billboards better than static billboards?

Mobile billboards target more prospect customers

The static billboard aims people in the particular locality where it is mounted. On the contrary, a mobile billboard targets more prospect customers since it can be moved from one place to another.

Mobile billboards are cheaper than static billboards

Ideally, one can spend up to a six-figure to put up and maintain a static billboard that will only attract few customers. Unique from the standstill billboard, a mobile billboard is less expensive, and it has an excellent return on investment since it attracts many customers.

In fact, it will cost you $82 a month to advertise a single car through our mobile billboard company.

A mobile billboard gives you more control

Besides giving you the freedom to target areas that are dense with your demographic customers, you can decide to track the vehicles carrying the billboards. Such control assures you that your advertisement investment is used wisely.

Take Away

As can be seen, a mobile billboard is an efficient way to advertise your product as compared to a static billboard. This is because it targets a broad audience, and it lets you track your advertisement. Furthermore, a mobile billboard is less expensive than a static one. Therefore, if you had been spending a huge budget to advertise your products on a static billboard, it is time to consider investing in a mobile billboard.

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How to go digital?

Mar 26, 2018

Going digital is all about unlocking your company’s growth. How each company chooses to go about interpreting or acting on that definition varies but garnering a clear understanding of the meaning of going digital can allow business leaders the opportunity for developing a shared vision of exactly how it could be utilized for capturing maximum value. For some companies, it’s all about technology but for others, it’s a new way to engage with potential customers. On the other hand, some others see it as a completely new way to do business, which is probably the opinion that is closest to the reality of going digital.

Now, some people seem to have the wrong idea about going digital and are still thinking that to simply create a website for their company means that they’re digital. Unfortunately, there’s more to going digital than that. So, here are the necessary steps for going digital.


Going Digital is a Three-Step Process

The three main steps for going digital are:

  1. Create a website
  2. Create a social media presence
  3. Create relevant content


Website Creation

More and more people prefer to be doing as much of their business online as they possibly can these days and that particular trend seems to be increasing exponentially for the foreseeable future. Creating a website that will be both user-friendly and enticing to potential customers is crucial to your online success. There is just no substitute in this digital world for an attractive website that functions properly and provides a pleasant experience for all visitors.


Social Media Presence

When you think about creating a social media presence, the key is understanding why social is happening and not thinking of it as just a marketing tool i.e. Facebook and Twitter may be tools, but the reason that people are using them is more important. So, make sure that your social media presence is aimed squarely at your potential audience and not just used as a tool that has no real understanding of what they’re looking for. When you run campaigns on social media, they should be joined up using proper consideration of your customer’s journey and experience.


Content Creation

Relevant content should go up on your website as often as possible, as well as on other blog networks to get plenty of backlinks. What is relevant content? It’s the kind of content that adds value to your company’s products or services, thereby increasing your bottom line. And, don’t overlook the option of creating ads as well, using AdWords, Facebook, and LinkedIn for maximum exposure for your company and brand.


SEO Strategy

Relevant content in the context of your SEO strategy is content that is filled with carefully chosen and researched keywords designed for ranking your company’s website high on the major search engine results pages. Search engines put a high value on relevant content since they’re committed to a heightened user experience.

Companies have 2 ways to go about going digital. They can either find niche companies that provide individual services such as a website development company, a social media marketing company, an SEO company and a content creation company. However, it is easier to liaise with a full-service digital marketing company that provides all these services. It streamlines your lines of communication and it is definitely cheaper to get a package from these companies.

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10 Reasons why Print Advertising is not dead

Jan 11, 2018

Is print marketing dead?

Print media is by far one of the most notable investors in the history of man. It essentially revolutionized how we could share information and communicate as well. While print media is influential in communication, many believe that its soon being eliminated from the scene entirely. That said, print media still provides various benefits. In fact, the following are some of the ten reasons why print advertising is not dead

Ten reasons why it’s not dead

1.Print media is tangible- whether it’s a brochure, poster or any other type of printed material, print media is tangible. This means it can stay in your office or home for several months and it’s also convenient.

2.Print media is more credible- people identify easily with print media. It has been available for thousands of years, which makes it perfect for communicating with an audience.

3.It sub-communicates value- printed publications and various other company branded materials are a top method for adding value to your brand.

4.This type of communication helps you reach your target market- using print media is also an excellent strategy for communicating with your target audience. The placement of company ads in print media works well at reaching a specific market.

5.It is more engaging- unlike most forms of printed content, print media works well at capturing and engaging the user’s attention. In fact, print media is simple to incorporate with various engaging images and banner lines as well.

6.It also provides a competitive edge- since most companies are increasingly using digital marketing media, publishing print media provides a competitive edge over other companies. In fact, not many digital marketing companies are able to leverage the benefits of this media type.

7.It’s an effective way to reach audiences that are not online

Print is an excellent way to reach niche audiences that are not available online. In fact, most print media have loyal readers, which means the message can be reinforced over an extended duration.

8.It reduces the side effects of information overload

People are often bombarded with various types of content on the conventional media types. This includes banner ads on computers, email promotions, app advertising on Smartphones and more.

9.Large corporations use it

Even the large companies use printed material. In fact, the largest software company globally often sends out printed mail to their Adwords members. This demonstrates the power of print. Besides that, Facebook has also increased their total print media budget by an average of 500 percent.

10.Readership grows over time

Magazine readership improves over time. The views of magazine publications develop over the weeks after publishing the print media. Additionally, the print media is likely to be shared among individuals who will improve readership.


Taking all things into account, print media is an excellent method of communicating with a specific audience. It provides various benefits over the conventional forms of media and ever large companies still use it. Print media is reliable and it’s tangible as well, which makes it more credible. Get your prints from the best printing company in Singapore or through their e-commerce store.

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Using Instagram to grow your business

Dec 5, 2017

Looking to do more on Instagram to promote your business? While Facebook and Google are two other popular mediums to promote your business products and services, Instagram is growing popular each day too – and for a good reason.

How to rapidly grow an Instagram page?

Today, we will take a look at the different steps you need to take to help you grow your Instagram page, so that you can increase brand loyalty, and do more.

Step 1: Utilize Link in Bio

You need to let people know about yourself and your offering, so the first thing is to have a good bio.

– The goal is to take people away from Instagram to a landing page, or website.

– 99% of people use Instagram on phone so any traffic that you drive has to be mobile ready.


Step 2: Look to Develop a Epic Content Strategy

Now, you need to develop a good content strategy to build up your audience.

– Post consistently on a daily basis

– Photos have to look good

– Tools: Wordsswag, Typorama, Kik, Canva.

– Look to find the best content that you are producing – see which posts are the most liked and shared

– If physical based product post photos of people utilizing product or service (for social proof)

– People won’t click on link in bio if you don’t mention about it.


Step 3: Don’t Forget the Hashtags

Instagram, just like Twitter, is all about using the right hashtags.

– Post relevant hashtags to niche or market

– Engage with people in your target audience (like and comment)

– Treat them like gold!


Step 4: Use Shoutouts

How many shoutouts can you make? That’s what will help you build your brand popularity.

– Get as many people as possible on Instagram to share your content.

– Share for share (s4s) or paid influencer marketing

– Use influencers to rapidly grow

– S4S get people to mention you in the content


Step 5: Focus on Analytics to Develop Your Strategy

Know, adapt and improvise on your strategy to know what is working for you.

– Track the most engaging images, how fast the account is growing, testing shoutouts.

– Tools: – help you know the track engagement

l and – Know all about the growth rate and get insights on it

l – Know about your top followers and the big accounts who are following you

It’s time to grow your Instagram page, deliver more ROI and improve your profits – are you ready yet?

Social media is a long fought battle. A lot of time needs to be invested in order to see results. These days, there are marketing consultancies that you can talk to to get a little more in-depth advice on how to run a successful social media account

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Creating good event visuals

Nov 29, 2017

Events don’t just happen, and the memorable ones are rare. Whether it’s a conference, a trade fair show seminar or a customer appreciation day, you need to sell your brand. And this is particularly true if your business relies heavily on local clientele. Events cannot only provide an ideal opportunity to attract attention and get new customers, but it’s also a fun way for you and your team to promote your business while meeting prospective customers in person.


If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably thinking of incorporating pull up banners, pop up displays and posters in your booth to lure potential clients. However, every business, including your competitors is using the same technique to advertise their brand.


So how do you separate from the rest? How do you make yourself feel unique? How do you design something that can stand out from the competition considering you are literally going to be next to each other?


In the article below, we shed light on some of the add-ons or rather design visions that you can include your marketing campaign to make it more effective.


Play with colours


Yes, colours play a huge role in your advertising campaign. Not only does colour create energy, and elicit a mood, it’s also effective in attracting the eye. The right colour combination can set the scene or your brand and also give your advertising tools a strong sense of atmosphere.


If you’re advertising a night-time event, neon colour vibes can add a taste of ultra-cool, and have a retro nightlife atmospheric vibe to your advert as it looks fantastic when its set against dark backgrounds.


And for the daytime events, especially casual or family-friendly events, do not shy away from printing block or muted colours. Most of the muted colours have a retro-inspired, wide appeal and are a sure way to catch an eye.


3D Visuals


Unlike other forms of advertising, 3D is so effective since it captures four of your essential senses: sight, sound, emotions and sensory perception. When you combine all the above senses in your pull-up banner, your prospective customer is engaged and glued in the advertisement. Remember if people even stop by your booth for 1 second it is a chance for your sales personnel to talk to them.


3D visuals are all about adverts that your audience can interact with. When creating a 3D, ensure you design a visual that is entertaining and an attention grabber.


Conversation topics


The millennial generation is extremely finicky when it comes to poster advertisement. Most of the prospective clients are choosy when it comes to advert banners and cannot waste their memorable time reading through adverts.


So, instead of putting words in your banner, why not put the words or idea or rather your advert content into pictures and allow your clients to “visualize” the whole idea. For instance, if you’re a cafe, you can design a poster with a map shaped like a lobster. This will not only trigger a hunger message/sensation, but it also directs them where to eat. Additionally, it’s easy to remember and describe.

Embrace the odd and unusual


See, there’s no clear path to advertising, and you’re free to bend and break the rules of advertising, as long as it provides results. When doing your banner, or printing your poster, you can incorporate an odd colour or a unique photo. Go for unusual fonts or put contrasting images together. Heck, you can even align images or information to create something altogether.

Some printing companies will help you in the process of creating stunning visuals. You don’t always have to have your own artwork prepared when going to print. Printing companies usually have design consultants that can help you with that. However, if you already have your artwork ready, you can get your prints done online.

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Choosing the right Web development company

Nov 6, 2017

Store design has always been a major cause of concern for business owners. With the rise of technology, people have tried to structure their stores to make the customer experience more seamless. This was a major factor in standing out from the competition. In a world where products are so similar to the competition, business owners had to find a way to differentiate themselves. They started to design stores that looked unique and provided an experience. Things like lighting and colours and the atmosphere were considered when designing a store. The longer your customers spend in your store, the more they were likely to purchase. IKEA is an extraordinary example of good store design. They trap their customers in their stores and force them to look at everything before exiting.

With the introduction of e-commerce, businesses started to push their products online. However, they did not focus on the design of their websites and online stores because they lacked the necessary coding knowledge to do so. However, there are now many hosting websites like WordPress and Squarespace that removes the need for business owners to know how to code to build a valuable website.

However, similar to the store design problem, with more businesses coming online and making online competition stiff, business owners are faced with a need to build much better websites. This usually requires a web designer. It doesn’t seem practical to hire a full-time web designer for your company unless you are a big company with a budget that lets you do that. Therefore, most businesses outsource their web development to professional web development companies. These companies are experts in their field who boast improved design which improves user experience and interaction.

With so many of these companies in the market now, how do you choose the right one for you? A good web development company aims to understand your company and your audience better and build a website that you can be proud of. Ask them what is the focus of building a website. If they say they want to build the best website for your audience, you are in safe hands. A good company will also have a portfolio of work that they have done for other similar companies. This is good because if they have built a website for people in your industry before, you know they already understand the problems that you and your audience face. The next question is arguably the most important. What if we want to make changes in the future? A good company will assure you that you have full control over the website once it is done and you can make any changes that you’d like after. They will set up a system for problem reporting and feedback so that you may make changes at any point of time.

These are obviously not the only questions you should be asking your web development company. However, if you are satisfied with the answers you get from these questions, you can keep them in consideration.

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The problems with online advertising

Nov 2, 2017

Online advertising has become so popular now because of the greater availability of internet and smartphones. The introduction of social media has also encouraged more people to be on the internet most of their time. The average Singaporean spends over 12 hours a day on digital services a day with 2.2 hours coming directly from social media.

This means that all companies should abandon all other marketing methods and focus on digital marketing, right? Not quite.

Ad Blocker

Advertisements are everywhere mainly because this is mainly how digital companies make money. Social media platforms are usually free to use. However, it comes with a cost of your personal information. When you sign up for a social media platform, they require you to tell them your name, age, interests, location and many more things. They then use this information to recommend advertisements to you that you should be interested in. As an advertiser, this sounds great. However, as a patron of the social media platform, you might think this is very annoying. The best solution for this issue? Ad blockers.

Ad blockers do literally what the title says. They block ads from being shown to you regardless of whether you would be interested in them. At the end of 2016, over 650 million devices have been recorded to use an ad blocker service worldwide with 94% of this number coming from the Asia-pacific region.

Block the Adblocker

In the same way, the ad blocker blocks ads, there are some websites that can block the ad blocker. They do not literally access user’s computers to block the ad blocker. Besides being illegal, this is also very intrusive. Some websites require you to disable ad blockers to access their content.

This sounds great, right? You have just found the solution to your biggest problem. However, you realise that after you do this, website traffic reduces significantly. This is because 74% of users simply leave these websites to find alternatives that do not require them to disable their ad blocker.

Alternative advertising

Out of home advertising is usually not considered because of their exorbitant costs. A billboard in town can cost you over $30 000 for a month. The problem with these billboards is that people only see them when they walk past them and the chances of them converting into paying customers are typically lower because they may not be your exact target market.

In recent years, another form of OOH advertising has become popular. Car advertising has become popular in recent years because of their trackability and higher impressions. Cars that register for these services must register how often they drive, how much time they spend on the roads and the locations that they usually visit. These are all useful information for advertisers as you want to target specific people in a location.

If you have a single shop that is in a housing estate and you are running a promotion, you want the people around your shop to know about it. Using a car advertising company is great because you can place ads on cars that travel in that area, thus, informing the right audience about your promotion. Similarly, if your product or service is targeting corporate investors, you might want to place your ads on cars that travel to the CBD often.

Advertisers can also track exactly where their ads are being shown and at what times using a GPS tracking system that the companies give you access to. However, some of these companies require you to sign a minimum contract or advertise on a minimum number of cars which poses a problem for trial. However, Movo is a car advertising company that does not have a minimum contract or require you to use a minimum number of cars.

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What Is SEO?

Sep 25, 2017

SEO or search engine optimization is a set number of rules to follow to score higher on the organic results of search engines. In Singapore, the most popular search engine is Google. Google processes over 3 billion search queries per day. There are generally 2 ways to conduct SEO. On-site and off-site optimization.

On-site optimization basically are the things that you have to place in your website that can attract the attention of the search engine and your users. Writing compelling articles, placing keywords in your headline and your meta description, optimizing images and improving user navigation are just a few things that will improve your SEO. However, pleasing the search engine does not give you sales. Pleasing your audience, does. Make sure that everything you are doing helps your user experience.

Off-site optimization is trying to get other websites to tell the search engine that your website is a good website. This is mainly done by link building. Basically, if more people are talking about you, the search engine is going to think that you are a good website and rank your website higher. You should try to get your back links on industry relevant sites or major websites. If a news website puts out an article and references your website, you will see a significant boost in your search rankings

When done right, SEO can ensure that you get the right audience to come into your website. However, you may not have the expertise to do it yourself. There are now many companies specializing in SEO services. The Verticals is one such company that has done SEO services for some key industry businesses in Singapore such as Print City. Outsourcing your SEO services allows you the freedom of focusing on the operation of your business.

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5 Internet Marketing Advantages

Nov 11, 2016

Marketing happens to be the greatest asset in addition to liability for those companies regardless of geographies and markets. For just about any business, return that the high investment like traditional marketing brings is essential and defines the skinny red line for that marketing exercise along with the business. It’s no different for internet marketing however it originates like a boon for many companies. With knowledge of digital form being rare and searched for after, it’s also led to enhancing technology careers, thus transforming the marketing workplace right into a techno-marketing arena. Keeping other factors constant, we’ll discuss the benefits of digital over traditional marketing.

1. Cost: Internet Marketing is affordable to rehearse when compared with traditional marketing and it is thus a very preferred choice. Whenever the company decides to search on the internet like a sales funnel, going digital will be the best option. Manpower does come costly, however, thinking about that the well compensated worker is much more efficient, still it calculates to become cheaper thinking about the expense from the present traditional marketing niche.

2. Achieve: Digital form includes a global achieve in a lower cost instead of traditional marketing which targets a nearby achieve in a much greater cost. With this thought, the Hug (Make It Simple Stupid… !) principle is much more playing thus enabling simpler and lighter creativeness getting in better results.

3. Analytics: Digital practice is extremely measurable when compared to traditional marketing one as it is controlled and it is highly measurable. Analytics may be the fundamental measure for just about any marketing and when compared to traditional scene, digital provides more within this aspect. This permits fine tuning strategies faster and focusing simpler.

4. Human-ware: When compared with traditional marketing, digital form requires less manpower thus conserving costs. Although, digital manpower is costly, the figures tend to be lesser and also the savings around the practice itself are tremendous.

5. Logistics: Logistic needs for internet marketing tend to be lesser when compared with traditional marketing. To include, you don’t need to obtain around searching at bill boards towards the agency and have a look at what’s being produced. You just need the best manpower, good internet connectivity and top-of-the-line computing equipment.

Overall, internet marketing is a lot more efficient and effective when compared with traditional marketing and defines the long run. With companies getting to the web, internet marketing takes charge. If you’re not already conversant with internet marketing or you are searching toward creating a career in internet marketing, the time is right you spoke towards the master.

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5 Many Advantages of E-mail Marketing

Oct 1, 2016

Since the development of internet, e-mail marketing is recognized as an important tool for companies. Regardless of the emergence of social networking and mobile marketing, email like a marketing is required by a large number of companies of any size around the world. E-mail marketing provides more possibilities for the business and drives better roi. With marketing through email, you are able to build much deeper and relationships together with your customers and perspective audiences at a small fraction of the price of traditional marketing strategies.

However, there are numberless benefits for big and small business, a number of them are highlighted below.

It’s Economical

Despite the rise in price of traditional marketing strategies, e-mail marketing remains cost-effective. There are a variety of e-mail marketing software available for sale that are cost-effective and enables marketers to transmit emails to a large number of customers all at once. Furthermore, the combination of social networking channels with e-mail marketing enables companies to interact with customers in an even more immediate and interactive manner.

It Drives Conversions

The best purpose of marketers would be to drive conversions, regardless of it’s by means of leads, sales, or membership, which leads to turning prospective customers into having to pay customers. And, for converting visitors into prospective customers, there is not a much better funnel than e-mail marketing.

It enables Delivering Personalized Messages

You are able to send personalized messages for your customers, including their name, login id along with other personal information, which supports you interact with these questions better way. Additionally, the e-mail marketing software enables you to definitely feed the acquisition good reputation for customers, to be able to send emails for them according to their previous purchases and preferences. The bottom line is, you are able to directly talk with your customers in an exceedingly personalized and intimate way that isn’t possible along with other marketing strategies.

It Allows you to Track Performance

Even though it is hard to appraise the performance of the majority of the marketing techniques, e-mail marketing is simple to trace. The analytics reports contains detailed good reputation for each campaign you’ve launched, including the amount of individuals who visited certain links etc.

It’s Atmosphere-Friendly

By selecting internet marketing services as the primary mode of communication, you’ll be adding towards saving the earth by reduction of the amount of trees wiped out for print marketing material. And, that you can do all of this while connecting together with your audiences inside a faster and simpler way.

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