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Today Clenbuterol is available in many forms and variations from several manufacturers. It is a very powerful, strong and very popular fat burning supplement available in the market today. One among many Clenbuterol brands id Clenbuterol Sopharma.

It is also called as Sopharma Clen. There is confusion among many users that is this brand a fake one or real. It is important to do a research on this brand and know about its effects before buying this brand.

Results of Sopharma Clen:

Sopharma is originally designed mainly to treat many breathing conditions including asthma. Later it has become very popular weight loss accelerating and cutting weight agent because of its ability to enhance metabolic rate in the body.

The manufacturer selling Sopharma Clenbuterol is Bulgarian origin pharmaceutical. This manufacturer is well known for their quality products especially in supplements. Majority of the weight loss enthusiasts and bodybuilders look out for this manufacturer since they can get quality products. But there are many underground manufacturers who try to copy the products of this manufacturer. They brand their drug as Sopharma and sell it to the users. So it is important to purchase this brand from genuine retailers.

It is really hard to identify the original product since there are many fake brands in the market. The original product is not available online. One should directly purchase it from the manufacturer. That is the reason it is not easy to decide the authenticity of this Clenbuterol Sopharma.

Even though in United States it is legal to own this product, it is banned for human use. So when importing this product from other countries, by chance if it is held at customs then it is confiscated. Inside United States there are many Clenbuterol alternatives are available. But these are mainly used as animal products. But the product from Sopharma that is Sopharma Clen is only for human use and they don’t sell products for animals. That is why since it is clearly mentioned for human use, many a times it is confiscated if it gets caught at customs.

How to purchase?

To purchase authentic Sopharma Clen there are mainly two ways. One is through alternative means an individual can purchase it from actual manufacturer and then bring into United States. Shipping the product after buying it into United States may not be that easy. One thing is shipping cost will be very high and there is no guarantee that it will reach.

Other way is one can purchase this from pharmacies which are located in Mexico and India. In these countries there is no ban on this product. Even when importing from these countries, customs are not that difficult when compared to Bulgaria.

But when buying from these countries it is not easy to decide the authenticity of the product. Till the point user uses it and get the results, he cannot decide the quality of the product.

Side effects:

Other side effects like cramping and stomach ache can also be avoided by drinking lot of water throughout the day.



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