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Events don’t just happen, and the memorable ones are rare. Whether it’s a conference, a trade fair show seminar or a customer appreciation day, you need to sell your brand. And this is particularly true if your business relies heavily on local clientele. Events cannot only provide an ideal opportunity to attract attention and get new customers, but it’s also a fun way for you and your team to promote your business while meeting prospective customers in person.


If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably thinking of incorporating pull up banners, pop up displays and posters in your booth to lure potential clients. However, every business, including your competitors is using the same technique to advertise their brand.


So how do you separate from the rest? How do you make yourself feel unique? How do you design something that can stand out from the competition considering you are literally going to be next to each other?


In the article below, we shed light on some of the add-ons or rather design visions that you can include your marketing campaign to make it more effective.


Play with colours


Yes, colours play a huge role in your advertising campaign. Not only does colour create energy, and elicit a mood, it’s also effective in attracting the eye. The right colour combination can set the scene or your brand and also give your advertising tools a strong sense of atmosphere.


If you’re advertising a night-time event, neon colour vibes can add a taste of ultra-cool, and have a retro nightlife atmospheric vibe to your advert as it looks fantastic when its set against dark backgrounds.


And for the daytime events, especially casual or family-friendly events, do not shy away from printing block or muted colours. Most of the muted colours have a retro-inspired, wide appeal and are a sure way to catch an eye.


3D Visuals


Unlike other forms of advertising, 3D is so effective since it captures four of your essential senses: sight, sound, emotions and sensory perception. When you combine all the above senses in your pull-up banner, your prospective customer is engaged and glued in the advertisement. Remember if people even stop by your booth for 1 second it is a chance for your sales personnel to talk to them.


3D visuals are all about adverts that your audience can interact with. When creating a 3D, ensure you design a visual that is entertaining and an attention grabber.


Conversation topics


The millennial generation is extremely finicky when it comes to poster advertisement. Most of the prospective clients are choosy when it comes to advert banners and cannot waste their memorable time reading through adverts.


So, instead of putting words in your banner, why not put the words or idea or rather your advert content into pictures and allow your clients to “visualize” the whole idea. For instance, if you’re a cafe, you can design a poster with a map shaped like a lobster. This will not only trigger a hunger message/sensation, but it also directs them where to eat. Additionally, it’s easy to remember and describe.

Embrace the odd and unusual


See, there’s no clear path to advertising, and you’re free to bend and break the rules of advertising, as long as it provides results. When doing your banner, or printing your poster, you can incorporate an odd colour or a unique photo. Go for unusual fonts or put contrasting images together. Heck, you can even align images or information to create something altogether.

Some printing companies will help you in the process of creating stunning visuals. You don’t always have to have your own artwork prepared when going to print. Printing companies usually have design consultants that can help you with that. However, if you already have your artwork ready, you can get your prints done online.

Aervin Tan

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