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How to design a Good Photo Booth for Any Event

A photo booth is one of the ways that you can make money because people like to keep memories of their events. Personally, I have been to many events and I can tell you there is no specific way to making an awesome photo booth. If anything, this field allows you to put your imaginations into practice. However, in most of the events that I have attended, I noticed that most successful photo booths have some basic designs that make them suitable for any event. I will share the tips with you in this article.

  1. Have a clear setup


The setup of your booth matters a lot when it comes to determining its success. The lighting has to be proper. You can employ the idea of setting up a studio flash at one point of the camera to minimize the appearance of a shadow.

  1. Have a proper background


While you can customize your background to suit the event, you can employ the use of backgrounds that fit in most of the events like weddings and birthday parties.

  1. Focus on the triggers


Pocket wizards are very effective when it comes to camera sync and moderating the lights. Many types of pocket wizards are available but my personal favorite is the free sync cord that has its own light.

  1. Set the cameras well


The positioning of your cameras in the photo booth will determine the quality of photos that you will take. 5D cameras will suit you in about any event. While purchasing a camera, also ensure that its lens is working properly.


Setting up your own photo booth for any event is not as hard a task to undertake. All you need to consider is some factors such as the camera set up, its triggers and the background. Remember there is no specific way to having the perfect photo booth. Let your art and imagination guide you. There are professional photo booth companies that can help you to design your own photo booth. All you have to do is to have a consultation session and they will use their resources to build you the photo booth of your dreams.

Aervin Tan

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