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Every few years new technology comes about that changes the landscape of the medical device market. One of these technologies is a Nebulizer machine. A nebulizer is a medical device that is specifically made to transform regular respiratory medication into vapor form so that it can be breathed in by the patient. The reason why you would need to transform it into vapor form is because it will begin to work much more quickly and have a much better effect on the lungs than if it were ingested. One of the most common respiratory conditions is in fact COPD and the primary way of taking medicine for it is through the vapor form. The older generations of these devices were very large and bulky and typically just stayed either at the hospital or at the physician’s office. The earliest model actually date back to even the late 1800’s when they were simply makeshift models used as ways of just breathing in the medicine.

Today’s nebulizer device are completely portable and with far more sophistication and capability than any predecessors. Through the advancement of technology the product has become completely portable and very easy to take anywhere that you need to go. Say for example that you do in fact have COPD and want to take a trip across the country. Well, because the new Nebulizer machine are so small and portable you have no issue just taking them with you and whenever you need to take your prescription you have the luxury of taking it. The product is so small that it fits in the palm of your hands but still with the same capability and ability as all the previous models. They are typically powered by a set of batteries that can either be chosen as disposable or rechargeable depending on the preference of the user.

Theresa Lee

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