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Traditionally, auto dealers relied on static billboards as one of the primary ways of advertising their cars. However, the development of mobile billboards marked the death of the static type that was costly and had a lousy targeting capability.

How are mobile billboards different from static billboards?

Usually, a mobile billboard, also known as car advertising, is mounted on the side of a truck, bus, or any other car. As such, it is driven around multiple designated localities, thereby targeting more clients. Which technically means that the advertisement goes to its target audience and not vice versa.

Why are mobile billboards better than static billboards?

Mobile billboards target more prospect customers

The static billboard aims people in the particular locality where it is mounted. On the contrary, a mobile billboard targets more prospect customers since it can be moved from one place to another.

Mobile billboards are cheaper than static billboards

Ideally, one can spend up to a six-figure to put up and maintain a static billboard that will only attract few customers. Unique from the standstill billboard, a mobile billboard is less expensive, and it has an excellent return on investment since it attracts many customers.

In fact, it will cost you $82 a month to advertise a single car through our mobile billboard company.

A mobile billboard gives you more control

Besides giving you the freedom to target areas that are dense with your demographic customers, you can decide to track the vehicles carrying the billboards. Such control assures you that your advertisement investment is used wisely.

Take Away

As can be seen, a mobile billboard is an efficient way to advertise your product as compared to a static billboard. This is because it targets a broad audience, and it lets you track your advertisement. Furthermore, a mobile billboard is less expensive than a static one. Therefore, if you had been spending a huge budget to advertise your products on a static billboard, it is time to consider investing in a mobile billboard.

Aervin Tan

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