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Looking to do more on Instagram to promote your business? While Facebook and Google are two other popular mediums to promote your business products and services, Instagram is growing popular each day too – and for a good reason.

How to rapidly grow an Instagram page?

Today, we will take a look at the different steps you need to take to help you grow your Instagram page, so that you can increase brand loyalty, and do more.

Step 1: Utilize Link in Bio

You need to let people know about yourself and your offering, so the first thing is to have a good bio.

– The goal is to take people away from Instagram to a landing page, or website.

– 99% of people use Instagram on phone so any traffic that you drive has to be mobile ready.


Step 2: Look to Develop a Epic Content Strategy

Now, you need to develop a good content strategy to build up your audience.

– Post consistently on a daily basis

– Photos have to look good

– Tools: Wordsswag, Typorama, Kik, Canva.

– Look to find the best content that you are producing – see which posts are the most liked and shared

– If physical based product post photos of people utilizing product or service (for social proof)

– People won’t click on link in bio if you don’t mention about it.


Step 3: Don’t Forget the Hashtags

Instagram, just like Twitter, is all about using the right hashtags.

– Post relevant hashtags to niche or market

– Engage with people in your target audience (like and comment)

– Treat them like gold!


Step 4: Use Shoutouts

How many shoutouts can you make? That’s what will help you build your brand popularity.

– Get as many people as possible on Instagram to share your content.

– Share for share (s4s) or paid influencer marketing

– Use influencers to rapidly grow

– S4S get people to mention you in the content


Step 5: Focus on Analytics to Develop Your Strategy

Know, adapt and improvise on your strategy to know what is working for you.

– Track the most engaging images, how fast the account is growing, testing shoutouts.

– Tools: – help you know the track engagement

l and – Know all about the growth rate and get insights on it

l – Know about your top followers and the big accounts who are following you

It’s time to grow your Instagram page, deliver more ROI and improve your profits – are you ready yet?

Social media is a long fought battle. A lot of time needs to be invested in order to see results. These days, there are marketing consultancies that you can talk to to get a little more in-depth advice on how to run a successful social media account

Aervin Tan

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