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According to studies, on average, a Singapore driver travels approximately 21 000 km per year, which translates to 58 km per day. This tells you that there are thousands of potential customers on the road. As the population in Singapore is ever increasing, the country has grown immensely, and the dependency on vehicles has increased as well.

For this reason, car advertising has become a significant platform for marketing. On that note, if you are a car dealership with the hope of getting customers, consider car advertising Singapore has for you.

Here are reasons to consider car advertising in Singapore

Numerous impressions

According to research, it is said that on a regular day, a car advert can go as high as 70,000 impressions. That is impressive. Car advertising Singapore services reach more potential customers as opposed to radio, billboards, mass transit adverts, local group mailers, and direct mail. However, the best part is that many people agree that car advertisements are memorable, noticeable and prompt them to take action faster than standard forms of advertising.


Like any other professional market, you do not get confident when your impressions are impressive and assume that your advertisement will be successful or not. There are so many platforms out there where one can purchase thousands of impressions, but at the end of the day, it is going to cost you some money.

You should compare car advertising costs to other advertising options out there. When you do the math for each of the marketing platforms, you will discover that car advertising Singapore services are vividly cheaper as compare to other mediums.

Write-offs on tax

Before you get all excited and what have you, note that you cannot write off your entire vehicle by getting rid of the decal with your logo on the unit. However, the good thing is that there are a couple of deductions are analysed by the IRS and should not be assumed.

Whether magnets and decals, it is vivid that car advertising in Singapore is the best option for local business and startup to market themselves. For a small amount, you can turn your truck or vehicles into a moving billboard that can reach potential customers and make them develop an interest in purchasing the car. Additionally, with advertising on your vehicle, you will not regret getting stuck in a traffic jam: it is worth it.


Aervin Tan

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