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The Many Benefits of Swiss Company Registration

Mar 26, 2017

Of all the European countries, Switzerland stands out from the rest in many respects, it has a small population and is regarded as a wealthy country with very favourable tax regime. Many business people register a holding company in one of the Swiss districts as this gives many advantages, including the following.

Financial Stability

If you register a business in a country, you are very much at the mercy of their economy, and Switzerland has always had a stable economic environment, which gives you added confidence that your company can steadily grow.

Low Corporate Tax

There is a total of 26 Cantons in Switzerland, and each has its own tax system. There are online organisations that specialise in setting up Swiss holding companies, and by discussing your needs, they can recommend the most suitable canton to register at. Due to the high demand for Swiss company registration and the complex process, it makes sense to enlist the help of an expert, who can deal with all the formalities, leaving you to focus on running your business.

Capital Gains

If you qualify, there are big advantages with Capital Gains, but you would need to discuss your business with the experts, who can then advise on the best Canton to register the company with. The long term benefits of a Swiss holding company include lower taxation rates than other European countries, and with some expert advice, you will be on the right track.

Central Location

Switzerland is ideally located in central Europe, making for easy travel to any part of the world, and with a fantastic road and rail system, moving around is both quick and convenient. From Geneva, it is only a 2 hour flight to London, another major financial capital in Europe, and it doesn’t take long to drive. Switzerland is also on the same working day as US and Asia, a big plus for any international business. The whole of Europe is within a few hours’ time frame, and real time calls can easily be made.


Having a Swiss registered company immediately puts you up there with the elite, as this country is associated with success, and any company that is thinking of doing business with you will certainly have an added feeling of security. Swiss holding companies can be easily set up by using an established company that specialise in this field, as they are familiar with the complex procedure and would know how to maximise the benefits. Switzerland has a special feel about it, especially in the financial sector and if you really want to boost your image, it is the country to host your business.

The future of the Swiss economy looks rosy and it continues to be a very popular country to register a holding company, due to the many advantages it offers the modern business. With the expert help of a specialised company, you can relax and let them arrange everything. They can even supply essential office services, in the event you prefer to remain in your home country.

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