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Successful Asian Plastic Surgery

Jun 13, 2019

People of Asian ancestry can find excellent plastic surgeons who are familiar and experienced in altering and repairing Asian facial features. Asian surgery is very similar to any other plastic surgery and often results in very successful outcomes. Asian surgery is performed throughout the world as well as in the United States.

Because an Asian’s facial features are very different from European facial features, there are more surgery techniques necessary to achieve suitable results. Most surgeons work hard not to change the patient’s ethnicity and strive to keep existing Asian facial features intact after surgery.

Most surgeons specializing in Asian plastic surgery have had many years of training to give them the tools necessary to accommodate the wishes of their Asian patients. Some have even received advanced training at Asian medical institutions where they have learned how to perform specialized surgical techniques.

Plastic surgeons perform many different procedures on their Asian cosmetic surgery patients. The most common surgeries they perform are on the eyelids and on the nose. The surgeon creates a superior palpebral fold in one eyelid during what is known as a double-eyed procedure. Augmentation rhinoplasty is performed on the nose using an alloplastic implant. Plastic surgeons also perform less invasive procedures on their Asian patients including chemical peeling, dermabrasion and botox injections. Some are even using lazer treatments to treat certain skin conditions such as wrinkling and age spots.

All double eyelid surgery performed on Asians is done with great caution because Asian patients have unique skin conditions which are much different than the skin of Caucasians. Asian skin is more prone to infection and complications so surgical techniques are done very carefully and the patient is watched closely both during and after surgery.

double eyelid surgery is becoming more and more popular because it is no longer only people of European descent who want and can afford to improve their appearance through surgical intervention. More and more Asians living in America and in Europe want to look more “white” and are choosing to have their noses restructured and folds added over their eyes.

Thus with all these surgeries that are be done, it is paramount that prior to having surgery done, enough research on the place of surgery and the doctor in charge has been done. Without prior research, you may end up regretting the decisions you have made with the changes done.

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Surge Protector Components

Jun 13, 2019

Surge protectors are appliances designed to protect household and electrical devices. They regulate the voltage supplied to a device by blocking or by simply shorting it into ground voltages from a safe threshold.

For many years now surge protectors have prevented thousands of fire accidents caused by electrical malfunctions at home. It has also saved millions of people from possible electrocution accidents. This product is regarded as basic needs in every home.

Surge protectors has important primary components, working together to function efficiently.

First on the list is the Metal Oxide Varistors. It contains granular zinc oxide and conducts a current when in contact with a voltage higher than what is rated. Metal oxide varistors limit the voltages to about three to four times the normal voltage of a circuit by diverting the surge current into other locations.

The Metal Oxide Varistors can be connected in a parallel formation in order to increase its life expectancy and current capability. They are usually thermal-fused or protected to avoid fire hazards and short circuits.

Another important component is the transient suppression diode. It provides protective components on the limiting action but it does have a low current capability. The voltage can be limited to about less than two times of the voltage, particularly when in normal operation. When current impulses remain in reference with the device ratings, its life expectancy will be extended. Transient diodes can also be used in areas where spikes significantly occur more often than usual or once a year. Transient diodes do not degrade with use.

The third component is gas discharge tube. It relies on the gas trapped between the two electrodes ionized by a high voltage in order to conduct an electrical current. Gas discharge tubes are capable of conducting more current in respect to their size as compared to the other components. They take time in triggering and permitting higher voltage spikes to exist before they conduct a significant current.

Gas discharge tubes also do not let pulses of five hundred volts or more in duration. Additional protection is needed in some cases in order to prevent more damage that is due to this effect. They are also used commonly in high frequency lines.

Next is the selenium voltage suppressor. It is a clamping type of semiconductor. It is similar to a metal oxide varistor but with a longer life as compared to the latter. It is commonly used in high energy circuits like that of an alternator exciter field. It can dissipate large amounts of power continuously and still retains its characteristics, especially clamping throughout the event if properly sized.

The crowbar circuit is another important of surge protectors. It uses a zener diode that divides the gate of a rectifier, which are silicon controlled latches of any high voltage. This is until the power is turned off. On the other hand, the zener diode will set the trip voltage and will latch on later when it has exceeded.

Last but not the least is the carbon block spark gap over voltage suppressor. It is an old type of technology but it is still found in some telephone circuits. Carbon rods are held together with an insulator from a specific distance from the other carbon rod. The dimensions of the gap will determine the voltage where a spark will jump from the two parts and will short to the ground.


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