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Standard cable ties Vietnam are ordinarily created from nylon grade 6.6 and are utilized to bridle and package things, normally wires. Working like lashes, link ties are accessible in little sizes for holding little loads, and are additionally manufactured in long lengths and solid rigid qualities for huge things or groups. Each tie highlights serrated “teeth” toward one side, what work by locking inside the head, or pawl, situated on the opposite side of the tie. Different producers hand craft link ties in various tones or measurements, as per application necessities. Also, link ties might be created in UV-ensured varieties.

Link Tie Applications and Types

Link ties help arrange wiring frameworks by gathering links. Explicit application fields incorporate transportation, media communications, speaker wires, and home theater/hardware. They are built for indoor and open air utilize and change in arrangement.

Common Cable Ties are normally built from 6.6 nylon grade. These ties are normally proper for broadly useful applications and are impervious to substance, oil and oil-based items. All ties should meet a combustibility opposition necessity, which is demonstrated by the maker. A large number of these ties might be physically changed, and different pneumatic instruments are accessible to help lessen establishment time. Higher temperature nylon by and large incorporates nylon grade 4.6.

UV Protected Cable Ties are otherwise called dark link ties and are utilized for open air applications. Like regular link ties, they are impervious to oils and oil; they are diverse in light of the fact that they are impervious to ecological foreign substances. These links are ordinarily utilized for applications that require a high tractable holding strength and are regularly produced in nylon 12-grade material.

Treated Steel Ties are ordinarily appropriate for applications that require an undeniable degree of security against consumption and ecological conditions, which may cause normal nylon links to break down. They are utilized for indoor, outside and underground applications. Producers may offer dark nylon sleeves for added erosion assurance.

Different Considerations

To guarantee that link ties are the best for an application, it is fundamental for store them appropriately. In particular, makers propose putting away nylon links in a cool and dry territory to keep the material from deteriorating or oxidizing. Since slim forms of nylon are delicate to twisting, makers additionally prescribe being mindful when applying strain to the groups, as they may get deformed. Also, talk with singular organizations to affirm whether link ties are CE and RoHS agreeable.

What are link ties utilized for? They’re clasp that group your links and wires together to keep them coordinated and forestall harm. They come in various sizes, lengths, materials and even shadings. The various employments of link ties fluctuate across enterprises, yet what they all share practically speaking is that they’re the best method to deal with your links.

To start with, we should get an image of the kind of link ties accessible. The table underneath is in no way, shape or form thorough, as there are subsets of link ties inside this table. For instance, standard link ties can be climate safe, which gives them unexpected applications in comparison to their cousins’.

Standard link ties are an awesome all-rounder, however when you need specific link ties, you can get those as well.

Materials assume a huge part in deciding the application. You’ll discover link ties in these materials:


The most well-known material for link ties, nylon is an intense material with great warm, and scraped area obstruction. It additionally opposes energizes and most synthetic compounds. Nylon 6/6, the evaluation regularly utilized for link ties, meets UL94 V-2 combustibility appraisals and has a working temperature range from – 40°F to 185°F.

Nylon cable ties Vietnam can be heat settled for consistent or stretched out openness to high temperatures of up to 250°F. The link tie fabricating interaction can likewise create UV balanced out ties for outside use. For instance, you can have a similar link tie, however fabricated for various applications.


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