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Military connectors (mil-spec circular connectors) offer prevalent execution and trustworthiness ascribes. Proposed to work in absurd characteristic conditions, these connectors are used all through the protect business (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines). The aerodynamic exchange moreover relies upon these mil-spec connectors for their critical applications. They are moreover used in a grouping of business tasks.

BTC is ensured to MIL-SPEC-790 by the Defense Supply Center Columbus as a Class C social occasion office. BTC stocks the fragments and can store up in excess of 1,000,000 segment numbers to the ideal specifics. We have water/air proof fixed and biological connectors. We as of now stock connectors that meet more than 55 assorted MIL-SPECs.

Our authentications – including the primary connector vendor to secure AS9100 Rev C Certification – promise you of our commitment to incessant quality improvement and purchaser dedication. BTC meets or outperforms the necessities of the extraordinary flying and insurance laborers for employ. Under you will find a portrayal of a segment of the military connectors we offer, or you can click here for a full overview of normal MIL-SPECs and tasks that BTC stocks.

BTC keeps a multi-million dollar supply of standard QPL’d water/air proof connectors. Most things can dispatch inside one day from BTC and we furthermore regard add, can make changes including phenomenal shell estimations, changed contact terminations, and unequivocal plating wraps up.

Ordinarily used in military equipment applications, general electronic testing stuff, and flying, radio repeat (RF) connectors are explicit devices used to end and interconnect coaxial connections that impart high-repeat signs. Multi-pin D-Sub rectangular connectors are utilized when land is alongside some inherent expenses. Rectangular power connectors don’t offer as much regular protection as indirect connectors with normal applications including high vibrations and engine plan.

Mil-spec connectors for exchanges structures rely upon fiber optic interconnect development. Underneath you will find a segment of the overall standards in the military business place. BTC is an enhanced/affirmed, regard added assembling, stacking dealer for a couple of military connector creators including Sealtron and Conesys/Aero. For more information about mil-spec connectors, if it’s not all that much difficulty, contact the connector experts at BTC by clicking here. Our gathering will assist you with finding the advantage interconnect thing for your application.

Mil-Spec circular connectors are arranged and basic consistence with military conclusions. These indirect connectors shield relationship from biological perils, making them ideal for military and avionics applications. Because of their ability to work in unbelievably severe conditions, military indirect connectors are also usually used in marine, rail/mass travel, powerful stuff, clinical equipment, development control, machine robotization, general current and telecom applications. offers a wide combination of MIL-DTL-38999 Series II and MIL-STD-26482 Series II Mil-Spec indirect connectors. As opposed to our adversaries, MilSpecWiring offers these connectors in Black Zinc Nickel which is superior to electroless nickel plating and is MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-STD-26482 and AS85049 spec pleasing.

Some key information on these connectors: The 4 digit number in the front suggests what kind of connector it is. a 3470 and 3474 will mate with a 3476. A 3470 and 3474 will not mate. The backshell is what you withdraw a boot to and what gives a district to strain help circles. The last number and letter show the terminal course of action and kind of terminal it livelihoods. S is for Socket and P is for Pin.

For more information on what each shell size and terminal plan contains concerning terminal sum and size, if it’s not all that much difficulty, imply our PDF record interface under demonstrating every one of the open terminal courses of action.


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